How Van Horn Automotive Group is Selling an Average of 3 Vehicles Every Week with Facebook Marketplace


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“I didn’t know what to expect when we first started using Facebook Marketplace. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people on the platform were eager to engage with us."
—Tina Tasche, Customer Relations Manager, Van Horn Automotive Group
“I appreciated and understood the power of advertising through Facebook Marketplace, but we didn’t have the capacity to manage our inventory on social media. We wanted a turnkey solution – and that’s what we got.”
—Ryan Thiel
“It’s low maintenance for us. We don’t have to do anything until LivePerson Automotive sends us a lead, and that’s when we pick it up. The partnership between Van Horn Automotive Group, LivePerson Automotive, and Facebook Marketplace has been seamless.”
—Tina Tasche
“Facebook Marketplace is an emerging platform for e-commerce. If you’re not active in the social space, someone else will be – and they’ll get the sale.”
—Ryan Thiel

The Client

VanHorn Automotive Group

Van Horn Automotive Group is on a mission to “Empower People. Amaze Customers.” They aim to make each customer’s car shopping experience easy, straightforward, and hassle-free— whether they’re shopping online, through social media, or at any of their 15 locations across Wisconsin and Iowa.

Their Challenge

Limited Capacity for Manually Managing Inventory on Facebook Marketplace

With over 20 million people clicking on used vehicle listings every month in the US, Van Horn Automotive Group knew their target audience frequented Facebook and was eager to use the power of social media to reach more car shoppers who were in the market for a used vehicle. They knew Facebook Marketplace could help them connect with interested buyers and drive high-quality leads but didn’t have the internal resources to manually manage.

Their Solution

Leverage help of Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner

To get their inventory in front of more car shoppers, Van Horn Automotive Group partnered with LivePerson Automotive, a Facebook Marketplace Listing Partner, to manage their vehicle listings and humanize the experience through live chat support. According to Van Horn’s Marketing Director Ryan Thiel, maintaining their inventory on Facebook Marketplace is both low maintenance and efficient. Store-level general managers have noticed a sudden influx of new, pre-qualified leads, and group-wide conversion rates have improved since their partnership.

Their Results

An average of 3 vehicle sales per week

With these early successes, Van Horn Automotive is now gearing up for their busy seasons—and they’re eager to see how many new leads Facebook Marketplace will generate for them.

An average of 3 vehicle sales per week*
In their first 40 days* on Marketplace, Van Horn Automotive Group saw significant results:

  • 1,000+ customer conversations
  • 319 qualified leads generated
  • 15 vehicle sales

With these early successes, Van Horn Automotive is now gearing up for their busy seasons—and they’re eager to see how many new leads Facebook Marketplace will generate for them.

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Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Messenger

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Experience the benefit of Facebook Marketplace.

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